The Citizen Observatory for Transparency and Good Governance in the Health Sector – OCTBGSS is a non-profit organization with association status, with legal personality, and with administrative, financial and patrimonial autonomy, governed by its statutes and other applicable laws.

The organisation was established by a heterogeneous group of Mozambican health professionals, social scientists and researchers interested in contributing towards the deepening of public participation, upholding of human rights and building of an informed citizenry on public health services in Mozambique.

The main objective of OCTBGSS is to contribute towards the promotion of public policies and initiatives based on transparency, access to information, citizen’s participation, accountability, ethics and probity in the management of public goods in order to foster behavior-based quality in public service which has a positive impact on human development and sustainability in the Mozambican population.

OCTBGSS takes a stand in relation to the country’s political agendas of health but seeks to objectively analyse beforehand what has been happening in the health public sector, starting from governance processes, public participation, to the actions of the main health actors. OCTBGSS gathers evidence which supports all its position taking with regards to processes, actions and results in the health sector.

As such, it seeks to progressively establish an adequate observational tool and promotes regular meetings with groups of professionals, users, managers, community-based organisations, researchers, and investigators to deepen national themes on population health for taking an informed position.

Apart from researching on the present and examining the recent past, OCTBGSS seeks to establish scenarios on the future and learn through a continuous comparison between the “desired”, “forecast” and the “observed”.

The guiding principles of OCTBGSS are translated into: non-discrimination, social justice, transparency, public participation and democratic rule of law.

OCTBGSS bodies comprise the Assembly General, the Executive Board and the Fiduciary Board.


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